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Tykes and Tots Early Learning (Child Care) Centres are licensed and subsidized. We follow the Child Care Regulations and the Child Care Act.

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Tykes and Tots follows the principles of play and exploration as set out by the Ministry of Education.

We have been a part of the Tykes and Tots family for over 3.5 years. My youngest is currently in full time daycare and my oldest occasionally attends the school age program on school PD days and during the summer break. The staff have always been warm and upbeat, the food is nutritious, the rooms are bright and inviting and no one is afraid of creating a big mess in the name of fun and learning! I got to look “behind the curtain” as a member-at-large on the Board of Tykes and Tots for a couple of years. I know how well run the organization is. Understanding the high levels of competence and education the staff are required to attain has quieted any worries my “mommy heart” had. As a single, working mother of two young children, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my goals without the love, help and support of Tykes and Tots Early Learning Centres.

Lavonne D

The Tykes and Tots staff go out of their way to make sure my children feel welcome and accepted. Since day one the staff has been open with communication about everything involving my boys. The kids’ development is soaring and most importantly, they both LOVE coming to the centre to see all of their friends. I highly recommend Tykes and Tots to anyone who is interested in hands-on care!

Shelby A

Our family has absolutely loved our experience as part of the Tykes and Tots community! Our children have not only been cared for, they have been loved and nurtured by the entire team. We have seen them learn and grow so much during their time at the Centre including how to be kind, caring, and a good friend. They continue to look forward to coming each morning to see their teachers and friends.

Sarah & Chad N

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