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Tykes and Tots follows the principles of play and exploration as set out by the Ministry of Education.

Our Management Team


Carlea Taylor

Director of Operations

Responsible for the overall efficiency and quality of the organization.


Michelle Wacholtz

Financial Controller

Responsible for all organizational accounting financial controls.


Linsday Lowe

Human Resources Manager

Responsible for all aspects of human resource management. Also responsible for the delivery of family and community engagement programs.


Nancy Lautner

Director of Development

Responsible for ongoing leadership team development as well as the assessment, design, and development of new programs and process


Graeme Williams

Director of Pedagogy

Responsible for ensuring that programming meets organizational objectives and quality standards as well as maintaining consistency of practice across all Tykes and Tots programs.


Program Leadership Teams - Child Care Centres

Each of our childcare centres has a Program Director and a Team Lead who work in conjunction to provide support to our families, educators, and children.  

Program Directors are focused on the administrative side of the program, providing support to families and staff.  They collaborate with other leadership team members, outside partners and agencies and the Ministry of Education to ensure a safe, fun, educational environment for the children in our care as well as a positive working environment for our educators.  

Team Leads provide hands on, daily leadership support to our staff and families and are the first line of support for addressing any needs and concerns.  They work with the staff on a daily basis to provide programming in line with the Tykes and Tots philosophy, the Early Learning Program guide and the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale.

1055 Hampton Circle Location (licensed for 90 children ages 6 weeks to 6 years)

Director:  Denise Skuce –

Team Lead:  Cosette Kehoe –

Team Lead: Carolyn Tomlinson-Ellison –

3118 Laurier Drive location (licensed for 74 children ages 6 weeks to 6 years)

Director: Jennifer Smith – 

Team Lead: Diane Mourot –


102 Ravine Court (licensed for 30 children ages 18 months to 6 years)

Director: Carlea Taylor –

Team Lead: Andrew Gamalinda –

270 Heritage Way (licensed for 40 children ages 18 months to 6 years)

Director: Jenna Struck –

Team Lead: Franczesca Veslinos-Zales –

140 Campion Crescent (licensed for 38 children ages 2 years to 6 years)

Director: Jenna Struck –

Team Lead: Erin Overfield –

Program Leadership Teams – School Age Programs

Our school-age programs have a Program Director and Program Supervisor who collaborate to provide quality care for children attending our before and after school programs and our school-age camp programs.  The Program Director manages the administrative side of the program and provides overall support and guidance to the supervisors and staff for each program.   The Program Supervisors provide daily interaction and guidance to parents and staff.

Director (All School Age Locations): Howard Rose –

St George School (748 Redberry Road)

Supervisor: Amalie Kish – 

St Lorenzo and Ernest Lindner Schools (1055 Hampton Circle)

Supervisor: Nikita Merasty –

Program Leadership Teams – Community Programs

We provide community-based preschool programs to bring quality early learning to families who want to provide socialization and early learning experiences for their children but do not require full-day childcare.  Standard preschools are available at St. George and Pope John Paul II schools.  Our forest school preschools are available at Pope John Paul II school and our 270 Heritage Way location.

Standard Preschools - St. George (748 Redberry Rd) and Pope John Paul II (3035 Arlington Ave)

Director: Lindsay Lowe –

Forest School Preschools - Pope John Paul II (3035 Arlington Ave) and 270 Heritage Way)

Director: Denise Skuce –

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