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We work hard to build relationships with our families.

We provide warm, safe environments with caring, professional staff.

We encourage growth and development through a play-based curriculum.

The quality of care at Tykes and Tots is second to none. The staff are friendly, capable and compassionate. They are like family to us.

They recognized early on that our son required extra support and through their dedication and perseverance our son received the extra care he needed. This support has allowed him to benefit in many ways.

The smiles on the kids faces when you drop them off speaks volumes as to the amount of fun they have and care they receive while at the centre.

Garth & Bobbie Jo Lardner

While our boys were in the care of the team at Tykes and Tots, we were able to work without worry as we knew they were in good hands. They provided our children with a safe and nurturing environment and were taught to play well with similarly aged children.

As our children left Tykes, they were ready to enter Kindergarten with a very smooth transition as the structured day at Tykes prepared them very well for this next step.

A good place for our young boys.

Paula Kelly

Each one of my three children has spent time at Tykes.

The caregivers at Tykes go above and beyond to ensure the children have fun and enriched experiences while at the center.

In addition, Tykes does not shy away from challenges and they go above and beyond to provide each child with an experience appropriate for them as individuals. One of my children has extra-special needs and the staff at Tykes are devoted to providing her with a safe and appropriate environment where she will thrive and grow, just like any other typical child.

Kelly Caruk

Our kids have been at Tykes and Tots for almost three years.

We’re happy that the girls are kept engaged through their activities and their ever-changing environment, and that they’re genuinely cared for by the staff.

We’ve appreciated Tykes and Tots’ interest in our girls’ development, including helping us to make positive changes for them (e.g., ridding the soother, potty training, improving social skills).

We feel confident that our girls are safe, supported, and having fun. The biggest testament is that they want to go back day after day, year after year.

Scott Lawrie