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Tykes and Tots follows the principles of play and exploration as set out by the Ministry of Education.

Early Learning Centres

Tykes and Tots follows the guidelines of play and exploration as set out in the Early Learning Program Guide by the Ministry of Education. This play based approach to Early Learning focuses on high-quality interactions between the Educators and the children and encourages strong relationship building between Educators, the children and family members.

Early Childhood Educators plan their activities and programs based on the children's interests. They work to provide interactive activities that help children develop in all areas, including social, emotional, intellectual, creative, spiritual and physical.

Our program includes daily outdoor play, regular field trips for preschoolers and periodic field trips for toddlers. We have an outsourced music education program and do not utilize television in our programming other than for educational reasons. We provide two snacks and a lunch daily and follow the Canada Food Guide.

Tykes and Tots uses the HiMama app to communicate daily information to our families. Parents and guardians receive regular updates on their child's daily activities, including what they ate how they slept and activities that they participated in. Parents/guardians receive regular pictures and/or videos of their child participating in various activities in order to provide insight and knowledge of their child's experience at the center. The HiMama app has a messaging system built into it that provides two-way communication for educators and parents/guardians, allowing for full communication regarding the child's experiences and development both at home and in the center.

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